Mngt FSG
Frank S. Gaisano
Chairman and Chief Executive Officer
Mngt MCA
Manuel C. Alberto
President and Chief Operating Officer
Mngt RTC
Rex Jun T. Cabanilla
Chief Technology Officer
Mngt HLGHermar L. Guitering
Vice President for Logistics
Mngt APJAntonio P. Jacomina III
Vice President for Human Resources
Mngt FBJFloradema B. Jayme
Vice President for Procurement
Mngt AML
Arnold M. Leoncio
Vice President for Bus. Devt.
& Investor Relations
Mngt LSMLucille S. Malazarte
Vice President for Finance and Comptroller
Mngt FPM
Fili P. Mercado
Chief Merchandising Officer
Mngt BTM
Benedicto Clark T. Miranda
Vice President for Store Network Devt.
Mngt JGO
Joselito G. Orense
Treasurer and Chief Finance Officer
Mngt KAT
Kareen A. Tablizo
Vice President for Corporate Planning
Mngt VET
Atty. Vincent E. Tomaneng
Corporate Secretary and Chief Legal Counsel 
Mngt AMT
Ann Marjorie Tomas
Vice President for Marketing Services