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A core driver of the Metro Retail Stores Group, Inc. (MRSGI)'s corporate strategy is the genuine and active interest in the well-being of its immediate communities. The Company works towards uplifting lives through increased opportunities in education and livelihood, as well as environmental efforts and emergency aid. By embracing civic and social responsibility in these ways, MRSGI establishes and maintains mutually beneficial relationships with numerous communities across the nation.

MRSGI's corporate social responsibility (CSR) programs are anchored by these objectives:

      • To solidify MRSGI's presence among its direct communities through programs that uplift the living standards of its beneficiaries
      • To establish goodwill and develop good relations with communities where Metro stores operate
      • To expand MRSGI's CSR platform for greater impact on the local communities
      • To enhance employee morale by helping them make a positive contribution to society

These CSR programs are designed to enhance the Company’s long-term social value for its stakeholders, from the management and employees to its customers and host communities.



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