Super Metro

As it keeps up with the ever-changing demands and evolving lifestyles of its shoppers over the past decades, Metro is changing the retail industry landscape anew with the roll-out of the Super Metro hypermarket chain stores.
Super Metro introduces its customers to a more accessible approach to shopping in a compact setting. Super Metro hypermarket chain stores are aimed at satisfying customers with all their routine shopping needs in just one trip.
Super Metro is a cross between a supermarket and a department store. As a one-stop shop retail store, it carries various products composed of both food and general merchandise.

Super Metro 2

Apart from a wide selection of products that each Super Metro hypermarket offers, it also features ancillary stores to better cater to the needs of shoppers. Among the anchor outlets are the company’s very own Metro Gourmet Cafe, Suisse Cottage Bakeshop, and Metro Pharmacy.
Each Super Metro has a mix of grocery products and general merchandise, and offers a much wider choice of goods all set within the convenience, ease and comfort of consumers in mind. Apart from the cozy ambience, the products that could be found in Super Metro are what shoppers would very likely need to grab right away.
With its superb line-up of reasonably priced products, modern store layout, outstanding customer service and the convenience that it affords shoppers, Super Metro definitely is the best place to be for all your modern-day needs.
Enjoy an overwhelming shopping experience with super finds, super prices, super shopping at Super Metro.

Super Metro 3

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